Definition of Nobility

Whilst you could say that only titles granted by rulers (Kings and Queens) are nobility, the order accepts feudal titles as said holders of feudal titles were regarded in that period as “Nobility Class”. As feudalism means ‘once based on land ownership’ it could easily be argued that to rule an area of land is to be classed higher that the inhabitants or commoners, therefore, regarded as ruling class, which is the very definition of nobility. The Order therefore accepts Titles granted by Rulers, Feudal Titles, Military Titles, ancient titles and Holy Roman Empire titles.


Once a year (normally May) we hold our ‘NOBILITY BALL’ to which all members are invited to attend. The cost of tickets are to cover food and drink costs. The Ball is held in Europe. Please understand that security for such an event is paramount, the country and city will be made public but only members attending will be notified of the premises, therefore the actual location is only release days before the event. All members are required to wear their full Title regalia and membership badge.


Membership Ways

There are two ways to join the Order

Membership joining price
  • The Order accepts Titles granted by Rulers, Feudal Titles, Military Titles, ancient titles and Holy Roman Empire titles.
  • Membership joining fee is €450 single or double membership (this includes issue of the Court of Nobility Certificate of their Title)
  • Annual fees €120 (includes new Membership badge every year)
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For Price check our Regalia Page
  • You can petition for yourself or someone can petition on your behalf.
  • TITLES AWARDED FOR: Heroism, Honourable deeds, Charity, Local community support, Politics, Industry, Sport , Humanitarian,
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Terms and conditions of Awarded Titles
  1. Petitioners and recipients accept and understand that Titles granted through “Letters Patent” of the Order are subject to the judgement and opinion of the ‘adjudication council members’ with their decision being accepted as final.
  2. Only one petition can be made per year per title.
  3. Recipients of awarded titles have 30 days to claim their title.
  4. Only members may be awarded Titles. (Membership will be granted if accepted)
  5. Regalia for titles are the responsibility of the petitioner or recipient.
  6. Titles can only be issued with correct regalia
  7. (Titles are not available without regalia or membership).
  8. Whilst there is no charge for awarded Titles it is expected that recipients remain members of the Order. If the recipient is only a member to receive the title, or a member for less than 5 years the said title will be deemed void and extinct. The whole concept and modus operandi of the Order is the preservation of Nobility class through membership.

To Petition for an Awarded Title or Membership please email us with the following information:


    1. Lord and Lady

    2. Baron and Baroness

    3 Count and Countess

    4. Marquis and Marchioness

    5. Duke and Duchess

    Limited to 150 awarded Titles per year

    6. Prince and Princess (Limited to 5 a year)

    Full regalia is included. Includes CLOAK, SASH, BREAST STAR and MEDAL.