Petition for Awarded title

Of The Order of International Court of Nobility
Limited to 370 awarded Titles per year

Your “Spouse” receives the complimentary Title automatically.

    Noted: Limited to 5 a year

    Terms and conditions of Awarded Titles
    1. Petitioners and recipients accept and understand that Titles granted through “Letters Patent” of the Order are subject to the judgment and opinion of the ‘adjudication council members’ with their decision being accepted as final.
    2. Only one petition can be made per year per title.
    3. Recipients of awarded titles have 30 days to claim their title.
    4. Only members may be awarded Titles. (Membership will be granted if accepted)
    5. Regalia for titles are the responsibility of the petitioner or recipient
    6. Titles can only be issued with correct regalia (not without regalia).
    7. Whilst there is no charge for awarded Titles it is expected that recipients remain members of the Order. If the recipient is only a member to receive the title, or a member for less than 5 years the said title will be deemed void and extinct. The whole concept and modus operandi of the Order is the preservation of the Nobility class through membership.