Baron and Baroness (Double)


Baron and  Baroness (Double)   = €2000  +  membership €450€2450

The membership joining fee is 450 single or double membership

(this includes the issue of the Court of Nobility Certificate of their Title)

Cloak (2)
Medal (2)
Badge (2)

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Baron for sale

Baron for sale


Baron and Baroness are titles of nobility that are often used to address or refer to members of the aristocracy.

A Baron is typically a member of the lowest rank of the British peerage system. The title is usually hereditary and is passed down through a family line. In some cases, a Baron may be appointed by the monarch in recognition of their service or contribution to society.

A Baroness is the female equivalent of a Baron. In some cases, a Baroness may hold the title in her own right, while in other cases she may be the wife or widow of a Baron.

It’s worth noting that the use and significance of these titles can vary depending on the country and culture. In some countries, such as France, the title of Baron or Baroness may be used for non-hereditary nobility or as a courtesy title for members of the aristocracy.

baron for sale

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