Count and Countess (Double)


Count and Countess (Double)   = €2800  +  membership €450€3,250

The membership joining fee is 450 single or double membership

(this includes the issue of the Court of Nobility Certificate of their Title)

Cloak (2)
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Count and Countess

count for sale

count for sale


“Count” is a noble title that is used in various countries, usually ranking below a duke and above a viscount or a baron. In the British peerage system, a count is referred to as an “earl”, which is the third-highest rank of the nobility, following duke and marquess.

A count is typically addressed with the title “Count” or “Earl”, followed by their first name or the name of their estate. For example, the Count of Monte Cristo is addressed as Count Monte Cristo. In some countries, such as Italy and Spain, the title of count is still used as a courtesy title for members of the nobility or for some government officials.

In general, the responsibilities and privileges associated with the title of count can vary depending on the country and the specific context in which the title is used. In some cases, a count may have certain ceremonial duties, such as serving as a representative of the monarch at state functions or as a member of the legislature. Additionally, a count may have certain social privileges, such as the right to wear a coronet at formal events.

count for sale

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